How it works

How it works is an online outsourcing platform,designed to bring outsourcers (which could either be an Individual or a company) in contact with professional service providers from diverse professional fields. It is built to provide a secure and professional working environment between outsourcers and service providers.

What type of work can I get done?

Any digital project or job can be done on Alance. This means every job that can be done on a computer and transfered to another party can be executed via Alance.

  • Freelancers can handle diverse jobs regardless of size.
  • Big or Small Projects
  • One time contracts or On-going engagements
On alance, you can get a copywriter, programmer, admin assistant and social media influencer to work on your projects simultaneously.

type of work
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How Do I attract Freelancers to Bid on a Project?

Getting talented freelancers bidding on your project is quite easy if you follow the following instructions.Write a clear and precise descreption for your job posts. Explaining in details what the job is about. Then view the responses of freelancers, including work portfolio an client feedbacks conclude by interviewing freelancers and choosing the best fit.

How do Payments Work?

Alance Escrow and payment services provide the needed help for funding and paying freelancers working on your projects.

  • Simply create milestones
  • Manage milestones by funding the created milestones
  • Milestones can be funded in Naira or Dollars
  • Funded milestones are kept in the Alance Escrow
You then release funded milestones if the work is done to your satisfaction When we send your payments to the freelancer, we deduct a 8% of the released milestone or sum from the rate they charged you. For example, you release a $50 milestone to the freelancer, he or she earns $46 and we recieve $4.


How do I know I am Protected?

We ensure you retain your peace of mind with checking systems built to provide a trust worthy and safe workplace. Such as:A message board. Which captures every discussion between you and the freelancer Alance Escrow Services. This service protects you by assuring that you only pay for work done that meets your approval Dispute Resolution. We have programs and experienced arbitrators in place to help fix any disputes that may arise.

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